About Dance Energy // Parents Info

Dance Energy under 18's is an inspirational and credible clubbing experience for teenagers run by some of the most experinced nightlife promoters in the country. We offer high profile, quality entertainment in a friendly, safe and exciting environment. Dance Energy under 18's works in line with local Police and licensing authorities to ensure and promote a safe and friendly environment. Dance Energy under 18's has clearly defined drugs & customer safety policies and we recognise that the welfare of young persons who attend our events is paramount and that we have a duty of care. At Dance Energy under 18's we will do everything we can to provide a caring environment in order for young people to be able to enjoy the entertainment we offer and be safe at our events.

Dear Parent..

At each and every Dance Energy event, our priority will remain safety, during and also after the event.Our team are proud to have over 15 years of experience in U18 clubbing events. In addition a professional registered security team will be on hand to assist anyone at all times and Dance Energy staff will also be available to assist and answer any questions. Where and when possible, an experienced youth worker will be in attendance at the venue.

Alcohol & Drugs

Alcohol and Drugs are not tolerated, at any time, at any Dance Energy event. Alcohol Breathalyser's are in operation at all of our events. Anyone found positive will be refused entry, anyone refusing to take a breathalyser test will also be refused entry. If any patrons are found to have been drinking prior to the event, they are taken to one side and a member of Dance Energy or Security staff will speak to them. Dance Energy does not tolerate drunken patrons and if any are found to have consumed alcohol, we will contact their parents or guardian and ask them to collect the child or children, if the staff believe that they are unable to make a safe/quick journey home. We will not turn away any patrons without making sure they are safe and that they can get home. In addition we do not promote the consumption of alcohol all points of sale for
alcoholic beverages are covered and only non-alcoholic soft drinks are on display. Many drinks and adverts for alcohol are removed from the bar but those that cannot are covered over and the fridges locked and covered.


Age Limits / I.D
The age policy is strictly 13-17 (unless otherwise stated). All patrons wishing to gain entry to Dance Energy must bring photo ID. Acceptable forms of I.D include: Birth certificate (copy or photo of), Passport (copy or photo of), Young Scot cards. Any I.D cards which are issued by local schools or a valid bus pass.


Full searches are carried out on patrons upon entry to the venue, by both the female and male security staff. Both clothing and bags of all patrons are searched on entry. Items not allowed into the venue include chewing gum and any drinks container. Refusal to allow a member of security staff to search an individual will result in the refusal of entry to the venue.

By letting your child enter the venue, you have given parental consent to the following. You agree to letting images of your child being displayed across the Dance Energy social media pages & website. Photos may also be used for promotional use. If you wish to have a photo removed please email us with a description of the
image, the gallery name and why you want it removed. No names are published with the photos and all photographs are edited to ensure they are acceptable – In the opinion of Dance Energy and also under the terms of service found on each social networking site. Our photographers are highly visible and have staff clothing on. They will make people aware they are going to take a photograph giving people the opportunity to opt out. In large group shots this is not always possible however.

In accordance with Licensing Laws and the National Smoking Directives no Smoking is permitted within or around our venues – anybody found doing so will be escorted away from the venue. No cigarettes / tobacco products or smoking paraphernalia are to be brought into this venue and will be confiscated if found on their person during the entry search.


All patrons are required to treat the venue and others with respect. Dance Energy operates a very strict anti bulling policy and we ask all our patrons to treat the venue and others with respect. If we discover any patrons intimidating others, pushing and shoving or attempting to jump the queue they will not gain entry. Also, if we discover any patrons fighting or using inappropriate language they will be escorted out of the venue. Serious incidents will be referred to the police.

Exit Policy
At the end of each Dance Energy event we aim to promote a quick, calm and safe exit.

Dress Code

Dress to impress! We do not allow patrons to wear caps or hooded tops; however, trainers and jeans are ok. If any patrons do have caps or hooded tops, they are asked to put them in the cloakroom by a member of security staff. If they don’t co-operate, we will refuse them entry to the venue.

Have you any unanswered questions?
Contact a team member through the contact page, via our social media channels or alternatively, email info@danceenergy.co.uk